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Our Services


Psychiatric Concierge

The model of concierge psychiatry frees our practice and the client from certain limitations, and allows for more comprehensive and continuous access to your provider.

To inquire about this membership option for your psychiatric needs, contact our office.


Psychiatric Evaluation

The purpose of the psychiatric evaluation is to gain insight into the client's concerns, symptoms, and background and to foster a positive working relationship between the client and provider. The first appointment establishes expectations and serves to determine goodness of fit, in addition to offering medication treatment plans.

Pharmacists' hands

Medication Management

Once you establish a working relationship with your provider, regular follow up appointments are scheduled at a frequency that is determined by both the client and the provider. The goal is to monitor medication effectiveness and ensure proper client education.

DNA Strand

Genetic Testing

The genetic testing results can inform you and your healthcare providers about how someone may break down or respond to certain mental health medications to help avoid multiple medication trials.

If you’re interested in taking the genetic testing to seek clarification on your medication regimen, reach out to us at Baobab.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Antidepressants have worked to treat depression for many people since the 1980s, but they don't work for everyone. TMS therapy isn’t an antidepressant medication. Instead, it works by using gentle magnetic pulses.

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